professional antenna software

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    Contacting the authors

Please kindly read before mailing us


    There is no reason to ask us when the program will be ready, if there are any more features in there and what are plans for future, why this and and that are absent, what will be its price, any discounts at all, to whom and why, if so, how to pay for that. We shall not reply such and similar questions.

   We hope, you will understand and believe us, if we go into such kind of correspondence, there will be no time to work. As soon as we have something to advise in this respect, we shall advise you right on this page.

   There IS a reason to come to us with wishes and suggestions of what else you would like to see in the program. Such suggestions will be carefully checked and possibly performed.

   Also you write to us about the noticed mistakes and bugs in the current version of the program.

*The program is not yet ready completely. We still work.