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Official page of downloading


               Demo-version of GAL-ANA 0.4 is ready. It is not a full version, we still work on that. But you can download it and try now.

The demo version GAL-ANA 0.4 has a few new windows (f.e. Tools), online help2 and built-in library (over 1500 antennas' models files). Click the picture below to save the setup of the demo version GAL-ANA 0.4 to your computer:

1. The demo version is restricted by 4 wires, max, in MININEC3 and 40 segments, max, in NEC2 engine for a user's .gaa file and for .maa and .nec files.

2. The help files are not full complete yet, actually we just count on your sanity and natural curiosity, as well as intuitive clear interfaces.


GAL-ANA and antivirus programs

   It is well known that antivirus programs may be overly sensitive to some executable files and programs. GAL-ANA is not an exception and from time to time we receive reports on likely virus-positive reactions from some antivirus programs to the GAL-ANA installer. In this regard we would like to state that we do our best in order to shape our program the way it does not look suspicious for antivirus programs, and obviously we do not allow real viruses to penetrate into our program from outside. Our program is too well built and controlled by the crew to allow that. However, it is very difficult to follow changing algorithms of antivirus programs as they evolve. Therefore we cannot guarantee a full absence of false positive reactions of some antivirus programs to our installer.

   Please take the above into consideration and if your antivirus program alarms at GAL-ANA, you may either contact the customer support of your antivirus and let them settle the false positive reaction, or just use another well proven antivirus program. F.e. Avira is one of them.