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            The PRO version MMANA-GAL is a new

 powerful  Antenna-Analyzing Tool, which has
 been developed around the successful but   basic
 MMANA-GAL engine. To maintain compatibility with
 existing files much of the original MMANA-Gal functionality has been incorporated into the new software. The PRO version has been specifically developed to handle very complex antenna designs. Some of the new features are ...> 

Parameters PRO version basic version
Segments (max.) 45000 (16GB RAM) 10000
Wires (max.) 10000 600
Sources\Loads (max.) 300 \ 500 100 \ 100
Merged antenna files up to 4 none
Undo/Redo unlimited none
Auto check wires yes none
Advanced 3D FF Select step to 0.50 Fixed step 50
Near field window yes none
Speed of calculations 150% 100%

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