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  • The Pro Version of MMANA-GAL program is provided under a license. Three licenses are available: 
    1. Personal (private) User License allows the software to be installed (activated) no more than 3 times*. This kind of license allows installation on several computers.
    2. Corporate License allows the software to be installed activated) no more than 50 times on corporate computers, or on a server with no more than 50 concurrent users.
    3. Academic organizations License allows the software to be installed ( activated ) no more than 40 times on Students computers, or on a academic server with no more than 40 concurrent users.
    4. Student License allows the software to be installed ( activated ) one* time on Student computer for one user.

* If after three installations, the license holder has to replace the computer or hard disc, then upon receiving a reasonable request from the registered customer the license can be extended for activation free of charge.

Prices and payment

  • Personal User License
    Version 3.x (latest, full set):
    139,00 €


    Corporate License
    Version 3.x (latest, full set):
    699,00 €


    Academic organizations License
    Version 3.x (latest, full set):
    419,00 €

    Student Licens
    Version 3.x (latest, full set):
    35,00 €

  • Payment terms: PayPal, VISA/Delta/Electron, MasterCard/Eurocard, American Express, a money order or a wire transfer.


Ordering and delivery terms

  • Please check the program's technical data and brief description, and the license agreement. If everything meets your requirements, please place your order at E-mail. Providing your personal details or your legal company or institution name, any additional contact data.

Technical support

  • Only registered user queries will be considered and answered.
  • Program software fixes, as well as users suggestions will be provided in periodic updates to each released version of the program.
  • Registered users will receive periodic updates to their registered version of the program for free of charge.
  • Please note that the License is not transferable.


  • If you have any questions, please contact us at E-mail.
  • Please note, the technical support is purely related to the Pro version of the program. No technical advice can be provided relating to the design and construction of antennas or associated items or documentation.